Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – 2020


Search engine optimization also called SEO is one of the digital media strategies. This is nothing but optimizing website. The website can be static, service based, or e-commerce.  The SEO strategies helps business to grow in digital platform like Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN etc. However, it is also link to SMM which helps business to grow as well.

Formally, there are two types of search engine optimization. On-page SEO: Optimize on page and all works done in webpage. Off-page SEO: all strategies done off page of the website. Both strategies imply only make website more user friendly.  Ebusiness-seo believes clients happiness with revenue growth. There is no way business can sustain without profit.

Why Business should care about SEO!

There many companies in Australia sale same products for instance, David-Jones, Target, Kmart, Best & Less, Mayer etc. but why some company grow faster than others. Because their marketing policy and dynamic research and development unit. As, we know most of the companies already make online store but don’t even think they want to do it in online rather than push by technology. When company push their product in online store then they have to do digital marketing strategy such as SEO, Conversion Marketing, Paid Marketing, Branding etc. This is a digital platform competition and grow revenue through that platform. So, everyone must join in this competition eventually otherwise they will fall behind.