Web Penetration Testing to Stop Hacking

Web Penetration Testing (Secure Your Website from Hackers, Spamming and Malwares)

  • Is your website completely down?
  • Is your website being hacked?
  • Are you not receiving emails for your business?
  • Is your website very slow and customers are upset at this?

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What To Expect From Us

Why do you need to test your website?
  • Do you feel, your website is secure? Or even your network?

    Do you realize, a potential hacker could attack your Website/Network and may steal your sensitive information or run some malicious code to cause business disruption.

    Hacking refers to unauthorized access of your system or network, often to exploit your data or manipulate its normal behavior.

    What if someone could identify if your website has got any vulnerabilities that could potentially compromise your business.

    In the cyber security industry, an expert, an ethical hacker can conduct vulnerability assessment and suggests remediation to fix those vulnerabilities identified in the assessment. They can also go further if you want by trying to compromise your system the way a hacker would do. Which is called, a PenTest.

How Pen Testing works?
  • Vulnerability assessment is a part of penetration testing. A standard penetration testing consists of 5 stages:

    1. Reconnaissance: In this stage, the hacker tries to collect as much information as possible about the target.
    2. Scanning: Actively scanning the target to discover all the vulnerabilities
    3. Gaining access through attacks and exploits – Depending on the vulnerabilities, the attacker would then attack and try compromising your system.
    4. Maintaining the access – The hacker would leave some door (program or ports) open, so that they can keep coming back to the system to do other malicious activities.
    5. Covering the tracks – The hacker would cleverly remove all the traces of their access to the system by, for example deleting relevant logs or other information that may indicate any malicious activities.
    6. Reporting: Finally, the ethical hacker documents a report which consists of the vulnerabilities spotted, the tools used to exploit, and the success rate of the operation

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A clear distinction between hacker and an ethical hacker

So,  what a hacker can do after successfully gaining access to your system but limited to the following:

1.      A hacker can do whatever they want after owning your system. First and the most important is STEALING YOUR DATA. For example, your password, credit card information, all other sensitive information you can think of.

2.      RANSOMWARE, where the hacker would encrypt all of your data and ask for money to decrypt the data, which most of the cases doesn’t happen at all.


3.      Hacker can easily use your system to attack other system or organization. Which hacker usually do to increase the attack surface.

Get a free web analysis or schedule a consultation with us now. We are more than happy to help!